Why Australia is a Paradise for Nature Lovers

The huge land mass of Australia is so large, it is also a continent, and being surrounded by water, you have an abundance of marine life to add to the already diverse land species that can only be found in Australia. Here is a brief rundown of the amazing wildlife you can witness when holidaying in Australia.

  • The Humpback Whale – You can actually get real close-up with this amazing whale, as whale watching in Sydney is one of the most popular If you search online, you will find the website of an established whale watching tour provider, and you can learn a lot about these whales from reading the articles posted on their site. Ideally, the best months for whale watching off the coast of New South Wales are June and July, although the migratory season runs from April to November.
  • Great White Sharks – These huge predators gather off the Great Barrier Reef, where seals are their prey, and you can either go out on a boat where the skipper will throw out some chum to attract them, or if you are really brave, you can go down in a special cage and really experience this powerful top predator close up.
  • Kangaroos – There are several species of the unique marsupial that can only be found Down Under, and the Australian government estimate there are more than 30 million kangaroos that live across the country. The kangaroo is a national symbol of Australia and is adopted by Quantus, the national air carrier, as well as can be found on Australian currency. If you want to see wild kangaroos, any of the National Parks in NSW would be ideal venues.
  • Koala Bears – The East Coast is the place to go to see Koalas in their natural habitat, with Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide are all top venues for these cute little fellows. If you are short of time, Parks and Zoos are the best places to visit, while Raymond Island in Victoria offers the best chances of seeing wild koalas. Kangaroo Island in South Australia has a very healthy population of wild koalas, as well as kangaroos, and for less than 10 dollars, you can spend as much time as you wish in the company of these adorable little animals.
  • Wallabies – This animal belongs to the same family as its larger cousin, the kangaroo, and while the term wallaby is used for any of the smaller species of the kangaroo family, there are 11 species of bush wallaby. They can be found in all parts of Australia, especially in any of the National Parks, and, of course, zoos.

If you are a nature lover, then Australia offers the chance to see some really unique wildlife, not forgetting the awesome Humpback Whale, which migrates along the Eastern Coast of the country. Make sure you have a lot of SD cards, as you will have no end of photo opportunities with the many wildlife species that Australia is home to.

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